La Madrugada – Live at KDRT in Davis CA Sept 9 2016


Live at KDRT in Davis CA – Edited recording – 4 songs with just a little banter.


Recorded Feb 12 2016 at Logos Books in Davis CA. The last two songs of my set. Best quality recording yet! Two channels off the board mixed down to mono.

A 20 minute set at International House in Davis CA. May 2018


Live recording at an art gallery reception for Janet Story Sorenson at International House May 2015. Good guitar recording.. complimentary crowd noise. A great soundscape recording. Sounds best with headphones!


Here is a lofi recording of most of my performance at International House April 2015. I sat a field recorder on a chair in the audience.. About a dozen songs…



Recorded June 2014 at Sundstrom Hill Winery in Davis CA. Track picks up halfway through a long 10 minute piece on my Rainsong Shorty… on to a song on my Loar guitar then back on the Rainsong finishing with my original “Skeever Tail”